The FY 2022 OH-500 CoC Program Competition Notice of Intent to Apply for New Projects as well as the blank Notice of Intent to Renew CoC grants have been posted on our website here:

Renewing Projects

For renewing CoC projects, Strategies to End Homelessness will soon be sending to each project a tailored copy of the renewal notice found here including your project budget and pins as based on your FY2021 award figures. Please wait to receive your specific version of the renewal intent, then confirm that the information is correct for FY2022 and complete the remainder of the form in its entirety.

Sign and return that renewal notice to Strategies to End Homelessness via email by Friday May 6, 2022 at 4:00 pm to Please complete the “decline” portion of the form when you receive it, even if your project intends not to participate in the CoC process this year.

New Projects

For new projects, please use the word form found here, complete it fully and return the Intent to Apply for New Project notice to Strategies to End Homelessness via email by 4:00 pm Monday May 16, 2022 at

Please note that organizations wishing to submit an application for a new project must also participate in a meeting with Strategies to End Homelessness to discuss the project details. Please see the Form and the Community Timeline for details.

New Partners Welcome!

Strategies to End Homelessness welcomes agencies who are new to HUD’s CoC Program Competition Funds to learn about our processes. Please contact us for more detail and if you have questions, you may click the link above. Partners, please forward this to any new agencies who you know may be interested.

Please be aware that HUD has not yet released the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the 2022 CoC competition. Accordingly, deadlines and requirements as listed are subject to change. Additionally, certain eligibility criteria and the final deadline for the full HUD application are still listed as TBD.

Please note that timely return of your project’s Notice of Intent to Renew or Notice of Intent to Apply does not guarantee funding.

Feel free to contact if you have questions.