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Help can’t wait because our neighbors need us now. Help can't waitThank you for sharing our mission to end homelessness.

Your generosity assists those experiencing homelessness, today. And prevents more families from becoming homeless, tomorrow.

Right now, the needs of our neighbors are critical. Can you help?

Please consider a donation to help those in need.

The causes of homelessness are as unique as the people we serve. Job loss. Medical debt. Lack of support from family and friends who, too, are often struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has changed everything.

And the impact of the pandemic is not unique to any one person. Many of us know someone whose life changed in the last two years. Many others, now, on the brink of losing everything.

Whenever possible, it’s our goal to prevent homelessness. Ensure families don’t have to experience the trauma of becoming homeless. Unfortunately, homelessness prevention programs are not eligible for federal funding.

Local funding sources help to run these critical programs. But such funding is limited, and there are limitations on how it can be spent and who can get help.

Help can’t wait

More people than ever are experiencing homelessness for the first time. Or are about to be. Teenagers, single moms, Veterans. People who may have lost hope for the future. Hope that you can give.

If you are in a position to help provide financial support, we would be honored to partner with you in the fight to end homelessness.

You can change the life of a neighbor. A real person facing a real struggle. Please consider a donation today because our impact is greater, together.

Meet Ebony

We are honored the TODAY Show shared the story of our Shelter Diversion client, Ebony. Ebony and her family were able to enroll in the Shelter Diversion program  thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Meet Ebony and learn how having a home has changed her family’s lives! “I’m just so thankful.”


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