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I’ve seen amazingly good things happen when people who are homeless get the chance to tell their stories. You should see someone’s face when they realize another person actually wants to listen to them.

It should not be unusual for any of us to be seen, acknowledged, heard, or helped. But for people used to being invisible, it can be a big, big deal.

We can never predict what happens next. There may be a change in someone’s circumstances. They might reconnect with family members. Or get a roof over their head. Engage with the local community. Realize they are not alone. Discover that people care.

If you support us, you’ll change too. You’ll see that you can really improve people’s lives.

And beyond all this, Invisible People is changing the whole conversation about homeless people. We’re influencing the policies and programs that can make a huge difference way beyond individuals.

It starts with you. It starts with me. It starts with someone who is homeless. Together we can change lives for the better. Thank you for all you can give today.


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Invisible People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way we think about people experiencing homelessness.


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